The official transcript is the University's official statement of your academic record. It lists all courses completed, all grades earned, and the semester in which they were received. The official transcript also contains notations of distinctions, minors, options, and degrees received. The official transcript is printed on security sensitive paper and contains the University seal and signature of the University Registrar.

You may be asked to provide a copy of your official transcript to potential employers, graduate schools, professional organizations, and so on. It is very common for these employers and organizations to request that the University send your transcript directly to them. For your protection, we will not release an official transcript without your permission and signature.

The degree conferral message will not appear on the transcript until approximately two weeks after the graduation ceremony. If you ordered an end of semester transcript, it will not be processed until the degree conferral message has been posted. For ordering transcripts, visit

See the Registrar's Transcripts web site for additional information and instructions on how to obtain your transcript.

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