Congratulations to our graduating students.

The University joins in your personal joy and satisfaction in achieving your academic goal. We want to make the commencement ceremony an enjoyable one for you and your guests, in keeping with Penn State's proud academic heritage.

General Information: It is the graduating student's responsibility to notify the University of his or her intent to graduate. This should be done by using the Graduating This Semester eLion application at the beginning of the semester in which the student plans to graduate. Check the Academic Calendar for the dates when students can activate their intent to graduate.

After the graduation activation period expires, only the status is available via the Graduating This Semester eLion application. In order to change the graduation status, graduate students should contact Graduate Enrollment Services, 114 Kern Building, 814-865-1795 and undergraduate students should contact the appropriate college office.

Printed programs that list the names of students who are graduating are distributed at the commencement ceremonies. If the intent to graduate is activated after the student information has been sent to the publisher, the graduating student's name will not appear in the program.

The option to request attendance at the commencement ceremony of a campus other than the assigned commencement campus is available to undergraduate students. There are restrictions that apply—contact your campus registrar for further details. You will need to complete an Alternate Commencement Site form at any Penn State Registrar's office at least four weeks prior to commencement. If the request is approved, information on commencement details will be provided to the graduating student by the new commencement campus.

See the Registrar's Graduation web site for additional information, such as transcripts, diploma mailing and instructions for name and address changes.

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